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Year 2011 Resolutions

January 2, 2011

Happy New Year, inshallah!

Though it is a late well wish, it is better late than never. Like most of you, I have been thinking of last year, 2010. It was not 100% happy year as I wished 360-something days ago. I had many bad experiences at home and at work. I was about to experience death one night. I cried like never before in one occasion. I discovered how naïve I was after dealing with real life. My eyes opened wide on the world. There are many things I do not know. Life is worthy of living happily, I was assured. No grudges, only love for life and what it constitutes.

Loving life and struggling to live happy are both two of my 2011 resolutions. I want to remember Allah every time. To love His creations. To be amazed by His produce. To cherish every moment I have been given. To thank Him for being what I am today. If all of those on Earth shared what I yearn for! How sad life could be, then? It must never. That is Paradise, is not it?

I will spend more time with my family. I have not been reading enough. I miss savoring words and daydreaming. I long for those times when I had my own directed wonderful dreams. I was my own heroine. It used to be lovely and I hope I can get back to it.

I hope 2011 is going to be a year of prosperity for the Arab and Muslim worlds. Oh how I wish that those evil people claiming to be supporting Islam by terrorizing the innocent be exposed and cleansed. I also hope that our governments pay more attention to the goodness of renewable energy, and I hope that our youths spend more time in thinking of building their countries by their own hands.

Yes. I have a dream, and I am proud of it.

Inshallah I open a new clean page in my life this year. I hope that there is going to be less red marks in my progress as a Muslim and I hope that I pass my exam. I ask Allah for His support in doing more good deeds and in refusing to do bad deeds. I ask Allah to help in controlling my temper and in thinking good of all the people. I ask Allah to give me the chance to visit Kaaba this year. I ask Allah to help me in my life and that of others around me.

Wishing you a happy 2011.