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Nomarks Scrub Soap Review

December 5, 2010

Nomarks Scrub Soap

Nomarks Scrub Soap is very good in removing dead skin cells. It is soft on the skin and not harsh when used in cleaning the face. Take a five minute shower under hot water, and then massage the soap all over your body. Wait for a minute and then rinse the soap off thoroughly. As you do so you will notice the silky touch of your skin. Grab a dry cotton towel and work it on your body and you will notice all those dead skin cells being removed.

Compared to normal soap, Nomarks Scrub Soap is the good choice for scrubbing.

If you are a UAE resident, you can find Nomarks Scrub Soap in major hypermarkets, such as the Lulu Hypermarket and Sharjah Co-Operative Society.

It is cheap and one bar costs less than AED4. Buy one and try it.