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Sensing Patriotism

December 7, 2010

How do you express love for your country?

So, December 2, the National Day of the UAE, has ended. Are UAE locals still showing signs of love and devotion to their country?

— Some do. Some do not.

I know. Who cannot love their countries? Some do not do good to their country unknowingly and this can only show that it is not important to them.

Here is some signs that some locals are not that patriotic:

– Throwing garbage on the street.

– Wasting water and electricity.

– Going to work late.

– Dancing when it is announced that tomorrow is a holiday.

– Calling your teachers names.

– Showing no respect to those who built and shared in building the country, including expatriates.

– Refusing to pursue careers in research, sciences and development.

And the list can be longer, but these what have come to my mind at the moment.

Love your country and show love.