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Arab Youths’ Obsession with Korean Drama

December 4, 2010

I am not interested in discovering Arabic blogs here in WordPress because of this. There are good Arabic blogs on WordPress but they are overshadowed by trivial blogs filled with Korean drama and Korean celebrities news, videos, and photos. And the audience of such blog is abnormally huge.

It is really abnormal. What is with our youth’s thinking?


Ignoring the Facts

August 10, 2010

Amy has written about weird attacks on Islam and Muslims, which she noticed spreading on the blogsphere.

I noticed it, too.

I noticed this phenomenon, not only on blogs, but also on YouTube. Good Muslims share the facts, clear misconceptions, and extend their hands out, but they receive attack comments and amounts of hate messages.

Apparently, those attackers refuse to accept the facts, and they prefer to be in enmity with Islam and Muslims.

Why? I am not sure.