When People Kill for Excitement

December 4, 2010

Are American soldiers fighting because it is exciting and it gives them the opportunity to act like heroes or saviors as all those American TV shows and movies portray them?

If you ask me, the guy shooting the cameraman has a sharp eye to mistake his camera with a weapon:

And, the soldier’s excitement for killing those people is just wrong.

Do you see any weapon?

Have the Americans thought for a moment of arresting one of those people and questioning him? I do not think they have.

Arab Youths’ Obsession with Korean Drama

December 4, 2010

I am not interested in discovering Arabic blogs here in WordPress because of this. There are good Arabic blogs on WordPress but they are overshadowed by trivial blogs filled with Korean drama and Korean celebrities news, videos, and photos. And the audience of such blog is abnormally huge.

It is really abnormal. What is with our youth’s thinking?

Suppressing the Truth

December 4, 2010

The US is not after Julian Assange, the founder of the WikiLeaks Organization, to question him over alleged sex offenses, but because it appears to be afraid that its image as a country advocating democracy and sincerity is about to be tainted.

Or has it ages ago?

Yay for Russia! Nay for Qatar!…

December 4, 2010

…was the exclamation by many.

For those who have not seen the 2018 and 2022 World Cup Bids live, here is a video clip for Russia’s 2018 World Cup bid’s presentation:

And here is a news video clip for Qatar’s nomination to host 2022 World Cup:

Many loved Russia’s presentation, but none was pleased with Qatar’s win.

Have you noticed FIFA’s message?

For the Game. For the World.

But, is it true?

In my opinion, Russia has focused more on fans’ entertainment than on the spirit of soccer. But Qatar has presented to the world what it does not know about the spirit of the game in the Middle East. Many think that soccer is new in that part of the world.

Many fans around the globe still view soccer as a war game and place a priority for entertainment over the true spirit of soccer: to enjoy the game fully and give it an international theme where the world come together as one.

Animality in Humans

December 3, 2010

It is too ironic that some people indulge too much in pornography that they just look like dogs running after a male mistaking it to be a female.

I am just disgusted by their uncontrolled obsession for sexuality.

Israel That Never Was…

December 3, 2010

…is what Dr. Shlomo Sand argues about in his best seller book When and How Was the Jewish People Invented?.

The Hidden Terrorism: White Supremacy

December 3, 2010

Were the first humans on Earth white?

That is a controversial question and it is a hot topic among some groups of people around the world, starting from the Nazis and still is continuing with the new White Supremacists of the West.

Racial supremacy is very negative. Take for example this discussion thread. Notice how degenerate the thinking of the White Supremacists is who are trying to support their idea of eliminating other races by following some means other than massacres like the ones inflicted on the European Jews.

What are they thinking? Were Jesus a white European or was he a Middle Eastern? Does it really matter? I do not think so.

I am very sure that racial supremacy is the new type of terrorism and inhumanity in this era which we must focus more on and try to eradicate its evil agenda.

Monopolizing International Events

December 3, 2010

Qatar is going to host 2022 World Cup. Arabs and Muslims are happy that the World Cup will be hosted for the first time in history in the Middle East in a Muslim country. But, when the result for the 2022 World Cup bid was announced the crowd was not that happy as when they applauded very warmly for Russia. Why? One can think of many reasons.

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, said commenting on the US loss of the 2022 World Cup bid:

I think it was the wrong decision

Was choosing Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup a wrong decision? Why?

I, on the other hand, am pleased for the Middle East to have a chance to host the World Cup.

A side note: The caption of the picture in the article is not right. What an embarrassing mistake.

A War Message, or What?

December 3, 2010

This military T-shirt can be bought from eBay:

INFIDEL T-SHIRT usa military army funny Sizes S-4XL

What message does the starred word printed on the T-shirt convey?

Failing Palestine

December 2, 2010

Are the Arabs starting to abandon Palestine and are they becoming more open to the approval of the state of “Israel”? If the documents published on WikiLeaks are correct, then are our governments betraying the Palestinians, or what?


November 26, 2010

Salam everyone.

Finally, I got my own domain name – iKhawla.com.

Funny Google Maps Directions

November 26, 2010

I read about this funny Google Maps Directions on another blog:

1. Go to Google Maps.
2. Click “Get Directions” on the left.
3. Set “A” to Japan and “B” to China.
4. Click on “Get Directions” button.
5. When the results show, scroll down to read the direction numbered 43.

… Funny, indeed!