I am Muslim

Here I am, a working Muslim woman who does not think of getting married. My parents were excited when I got the job and supported me all the way. And they do not think of imposing marriage on me. I am not interested in raising my own family right now. I have no interest in politics. I do not like it, honestly.

I enjoy my every day life. I find Islam to be my refuge! I wonder what kind of oppression I am suffering from? Actually, none!

If you were asking: no, I do not wear a Niqab or a Burqa. I wear an Abaya and a colorful Sheila. I am quite comfortable wearing them!

In my opinion, accusations against Islam are mainly rooted in ignorance about the religion, or because their authors depend on stories specific to some cases, or they quote from authors or stereotypes known for their falsehood or lack of evidence and tolerance.

A Muslim murderer does not mean that all Muslims are murderers. A Muslim rapist does not mean that all Muslims are rapists. A Muslim thief does not mean that all Muslims are thieves. A Muslim racist does not mean that all Muslims are racist, and so on. We can call those who swerved from the right path “Wrongdoer Muslims”. We need to remind them to be true Muslims again and refuse to look back at false sweetness in this life when walking the straight path.

I hope that one day the beautiful image of Islam shines again and that all the evildoers who associate themselves to Islam be vanished soon.

I invite you to view Islam from my window!


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