The Hidden Terrorism: White Supremacy

Were the first humans on Earth white?

That is a controversial question and it is a hot topic among some groups of people around the world, starting from the Nazis and still is continuing with the new White Supremacists of the West.

Racial supremacy is very negative. Take for example this discussion thread. Notice how degenerate the thinking of the White Supremacists is who are trying to support their idea of eliminating other races by following some means other than massacres like the ones inflicted on the European Jews.

What are they thinking? Were Jesus a white European or was he a Middle Eastern? Does it really matter? I do not think so.

I am very sure that racial supremacy is the new type of terrorism and inhumanity in this era which we must focus more on and try to eradicate its evil agenda.


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2 Responses to “The Hidden Terrorism: White Supremacy”

  1. Natassia Says:

    Heh, white supremacists don’t have to do anything. The black population in American has now been surpassed by Latinos, especially thanks to the liberal policies that have not only subsidized but promoted the abortions of black babies.

    Racial supremacy is not terrorism, and you shouldn’t conflate the two. There are elements of racial supremacy in ALL RACES, and really, I think it the least of our worries. If people are truly free, then non-violent racial supremacist beliefs are realistically a minor problem.

    • Khawla Says:

      I am only referring here to White Supremacy which has a very long record in history.

      What do you think about extreme movements, such as that of Al-Qaeda and the extreme Zionists of “Israel”? Both of them have been engaged in violence, suppression and hate for one cause: to prevail. Although these groups of people cannot be compared to the majority, they are still harboring evil and harm for those who do not fit their agenda. They are, thereby, terrorists.

      Terrorism should not be restricted to blind violence. There are other types of terrorist acts such as spreading hatred, governmental corruption inflicting injustices on societies, war crimes claiming the life of innocent people, the illegal occupation of others’ lands with force, and preventing wealth from reaching the countries in need of it.

      Beliefs can turn into actions. It is well known through history that the KKK was an extreme White Supremacist group that killed many Blacks and could not stand watching America ceasing to be a purely White nation. Not too far away in history, many Americans have enslaved Blacks and treated them with inferiority. Europe is not different. Many Europeans and Russians cannot stand people of other races and many attacks against them have been reported and some extreme groups call for expelling migrants because they endanger White Europe.

      Such beliefs can fall under terrorism. The evil belief that one holds for others can be very harmful. What if a person from South America read that discussion thread I linked to? Would such a person feel endangered? Would not he/she feel sad? Have not many acts been labeled so in the media? People who suspected the Holocaust have been labeled pro-terrorists. Those who supported the Palestinians and sent them loads of goods were called terrorists. Julian Assange who exposed US hypocrisy has been wanted as a terrorist. Have these people done harm? No. They just believed in something.

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