What is Wrong?

Why is there so much hatred in this world?

So, I commented on a video on YouTube about a Pakistani pilgrim who had the chance to perform Hajj this year. I was so happy for him and for all the pilgrims and prayed to Allah to offer us the chance to visit Makkah in this life. One person replied to my comment with what it meant:

May Allah tell him to tell his neighbors to stop bombing themselves, amen.

What do you think? Has not his comment blew it up? Could not this comment get you depressed? It did to me. If he was trying to say something good, he could not have said it in that way. It is mocking me and the pilgrim, is not it?

And I am still wondering why they hate us? Not all Muslims are Al-Qaeda. I wish Taliban and Al-Qaeda be wiped out. They are harming Islam and Muslims all over the world. We are struggling to cure the wounds that they have inflicted by their stupid rampages.

May Allah help us in eradicating the minds of destruction and hate, amen.


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5 Responses to “What is Wrong?”

  1. neel123 Says:

    Throwing stone at Satan does not help, instead people come back with more Satan ( religious intolerance) in them.

    • Khawla Says:

      Hajj is a chance for people to start anew and think about the sins they have committed and promise to continue on living pure. Religious intolerance cannot be bred by just performing a pilgrimage. There are other factors, which are not many, that can change a faithful’s ideology to the worse, and one of them is growing up in an intolerant environment, such as in Saudi Arabia. Living in the UAE and interacting with people from all over the world and different cultures as well as comparing all of this with the situation in the KSA, I firmly believe that such an extreme environment has a detrimental effect on the true message and essence of Islam.

  2. dinopak Says:

    It isn’t their (non-Muslims’) fault they judge us, being realistic, when did we ever protest about the suicide bombings? When did we ever protest against the crimes of these ‘radicals’.

    Oh but we did protest when those stupid Cartoons were up on facebook. We did protest when that Danish guy drew some Cartoons. The most terrible thing is that we protest ALONGSIDE those radicals, which gives them another reason to think all Islam is one

    Here is something found right after the protests of that Facebook page.
    . My point is, until we denounce these extremists and radicals with force and reason, non-Muslims will continue to see us Muslims as extremists.

    • Khawla Says:

      “until we denounce these extremists and radicals with force and reason, non-Muslims will continue to see us Muslims as extremists.”

      I agree with you, dinopak!

  3. dinopak Says:

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