On the Topic of Taqiyya

I have come across the topic of Taqiyya a few years ago when I read an online discussion by a group of Islamophobes about the supposed danger of Taqiyya on non-Muslims. I joined the discussion and explained what Taqiyya is. The discussion took many diversions and the Islamophobes made fun of me and affirmed that I was a pathetic oppressed woman who needed to be rescued from Islam.

Anyway, I have not practiced Taqiyya because I see no need for it. I am not afraid to say that I am a Muslim. I am not afraid of wearing my Hijab. I am not afraid of practicing Islam outside the UAE. If I find that being a Muslim would put my life in an immediate danger, I will hide my belief. Somewhere in this world Muslims may resort to practicing Taqiyya to stay alive.

There is, then, a great distinction between pure lying and Taqiyya.

Read more about the topic on The American Muslim.


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  1. ummsqueakster Says:

    But of course, we all know you’re practicing taqiyyah about practicing taqiyyah 😉

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