The Islamic Weekly Eid

I did not know what Jews usually do during Saturdays until I read this post. I read about what they are not allowed to do on Sabbaths. Allah has prescribed this for the Jews for a reason, I believe.

Friday is considered a holy day in Islam and it is known as the weekly Islamic Eid.

On Fridays:

  • men pray Jumaa (Friday) prayer in congregation in the Masjid while women pray Dhuhr (noon prayer) at home,
  • selling is continued after Jumaa prayer,
  • people visit their families, and
  • people enjoy their time in doing what they like to do like going to parks, cooking, walking, fishing, hunting, … etc.

I usually spend some of my time on shopping for my needs and on the Internet.

What do you usually do on Fridays?


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6 Responses to “The Islamic Weekly Eid”

  1. thdpr Says:

    I am glad my blogged helped shed some light. I was interested to read your post as well. There is a lot more about Shabbat that I did not include. Would be happy to share more info if you are interested!

  2. Saladin Says:

    In the US, Jumaa is in the middle of the workday so I work in the morning, skip lunch, go to Jumaa, then go back to work. I’m fortunate that there’s a masjid-like gathering just a few blocks from my office.

    I always feel better after going to Jumaa. Re-energized and relaxed. 🙂

  3. yasser shams Says:

    النوم من بعد الصلاه لغايه العصر
    والانطلاق الى الاصدقاء
    واحلى حاجه فى الجمعه الفطار مع امى واخى
    وبالليل الصحاب اللى ما شوفتهمش من اسبوع اكيد
    وبين العصر والمغرب لعب كوره فى النادى
    وده احلى جمعه فى الوجود

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