A Difficult Time for Muslims

There are so much things I want to write about right now, but I do not know where to start and what to say.

I am very sad. Although I am an ordinary Muslim woman living a happy normal life, I still feel sad. I am feeling sad for what is happening in this world. I have not thought in my childhood that one day I will be hated just because I am Muslim.

Being a Muslim, I am shocked to read about what non-Muslims think, or rather, believe about us and about Islam. Just reading what they have in mind makes you think they are living in isolation, or more correctly they are living in their own world. I do not know. How do they learn about us? Where do they get their information? Are they really researching about Islam, or are they just depending on the propaganda in the media to get their information about other people?

To my dismay, some still attack Muslims when the latter present them with the truth and offer correct information about Islam. Are we speaking in a vacuum? Why not listen to the Muslims? Yes. There are bad Muslims, but what do other Muslims have to do with those evildoers?

Evildoers, of every religious, political, and racial background, have been known since the beginning of humanity. Only Muslims, today, are all portrayed as evil!

Muslims are facing hate and racism worldwide, even on the Internet. You wake up in the morning with a happy face, open the laptop, check the news, and then you wear a sad face, close the laptop and stare into the space.

What have I done to be hated?


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2 Responses to “A Difficult Time for Muslims”

  1. chrisx88 Says:

    I’m very empathic towards the plights of Muslim. Isamophobia is so widespread because sadly it’s accepted in the mainstream especially in America because ignorant people can’t help but lump together the image of the 9/11 terrorist with that of normal person. I think my African American upbringing makes me more questioning of media, social constructs, and the institutionalization of racism because well I’m just as much a victim of it.
    I mean African Americans was propagated to be subhuman, an inferior race. How cruel and ignorant does a group of people have to be to make such a claim? and after the same group wise up to their preconceived notion they felt embarrassed but not enough that they want to fix the problems they caused for my community instead they went on a global campaign to justify themselves and propagated most of the stereotypes against African Americans that so widespread now, even some of our own have bought into it creating a problem of Colonial Mentality in our society. I in good consciousness could not not label someone else on hear-say and media images but rather from independent research and first hand interactions and I can honestly say the Muslims that I know are some of the nicest misunderstood people in America.
    I am pretty pleased that Obama is defending them from the extreme prejudice they face everyday for simply looking different and practicing a faith they unfairly equate with Terrorism.

    • Khawla Says:

      So many people have suffered from the injustices and discrimination of a supposed higher group. Such silly thinking must be eradicated. We will not be able to continue to live peacefully if such prejudices are still harbored.

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