Work Conspiracies

I would not want to fall a victim for a work conspiracy.

There were two incidents which I thought were conspiracies against me at work:

  1. First conspiracy: It was two years ago when I was employed. I heard the director of the department shouting to an employee: “Who let her into my office and open the drawers!” and I was scared because when I arrive in the morning I prepare some papers and put them on his desk. I have access to his office, but his drawers are locked. I thought he was talking about me. I was obsessed about it for weeks.
  2. Second conspiracy: A few days ago, I was called to the vice director’s office. She told me that the spare key for another office is lost. The story goes something like this: I was asked to check an office with the employees working in it. That office was ordered to be closed. I got its two keys, I gave them to the vice director, in another day I took one key to search for some papers, and  I returned it. Now, the vice director told me to find the other key because it is lost. There is only one. I have no access to her office. All I told her was the above. We searched her office and we found no key.

I thought such events were made to frame me, or the result was that I would be deemed the culprit. Although I am not the culprit in either of the supposed conspiracies, still I am feeling uneasy because I have been thought of as a possible culprit.

I do not like to be called a thief.


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