The Blessings & the Curses of Feeling

I was reading a manga called Honey & Clover (of course in English!) in which a young character called Hagumi, who nearly perfected painting, has lost feeling in her fingertips after an accident. I read the following words …

Hagu started physical therapy to regain the feeling in her fingertips. As she touched each of the different materials in front of her… the color drained away from her face until she was as white as marble.

… and thought:

We do not notice the blessing we are in until we lose it.

I never noticed that I can feel with my fingertips. I never thought about it. After I read that part in the manga, I came across the fact that we are blessed with many things as human beings and that we forget to thank Allah for them. One of those is feeling. Feeling the warmth of a cat sleeping on your lap, feeling the smooth cheeks of a young baby, feeling the happiness of your proud parents, and feeling the sadness in this world. With feeling we can easily relate to all of the things surrounding us.

If we lose the ability to touch, our hearts will lose something. Despite being able to see and hear, our hearts will not be able to taste and even give taste to the different things filling our lives. And when we refuse to sleep when a kitten cries outside, we are cursed with the feeling of sadness and guilt.

Feelings can surely be blessings or curses.


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