Ramadan Winners & Losers

Yes. There will be Ramadan winners and Ramadan losers.

Ramadan is an opportunity for sinners to start a new page and walk again on the straight path. It is also a chance for good Muslims to increase their good deeds. Ramadan must be viewed as a test and an opportunity rather than an unnecessary hard time.

Ramadan winners are those who:

  • waited for Ramadan and wanted it to come sooner,
  • wake up early before dawn to pray, read the Quran, and have Suhoor (a rich snack),
  • spend the day in prayer, reading the Quran and learning about the religion,
  • help in house chores,
  • give charity and advise others to do so,
  • go to work without complaints,
  • know how to manage their time in Ramadan,
  • are good behaved, and
  • feel the Ramadan spirit the year long.

On the other hand, Ramadan losers are those who:

  • are feeling uneasy as Ramadan approaches,
  • think about the hunger and the thirst they will be enduring,
  • count the remaining days of Ramadan,
  • spend the day sleeping and watching TV during the night,
  • cannot finish reading the Quran during Ramadan,
  • do not pray other prayers in addition to the obligatory prayers,
  • are aggressive in behavior,
  • look angry and frustrated at work,
  • always say they need more sleep and rest, and
  • wish that Ramadan is not coming back again quickly.

Wishing you winning Ramadan!


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