An Opinion on American Islamophobia

America, the nation that celebrates freedom on July 4th, is becoming more and more intolerant of religious freedom granted to Muslims year after year. After 9/11 attacks, Muslim Americans have become the target of verbal hate which is considered protected by freedom of speech. Muslims in America are questioned, spied on, and face discrimination at work, in the alleys, malls and in airports. Muslims worldwide have been accused of terrorism and many of them have undergone investigations simply because they are Muslims or Arabs. And that is all attributed to a group of extremist terrorists living in the Middle Ages and who are blinded by hatred and are infested with religious ignorance.

Over a billion of Muslims live today, most of whom lead normal lives. Just like Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and people of other faiths, Muslims wake up in the morning, go to work, pray, and sit down with their families. Opening the morning newspaper to read an article about a disgusting racist marches to be organized in America and a sick determination to burn copies of the Quran in mass protests, it is just plain stupid,  inconsiderate, and sad. I cannot express how I felt this morning after reading about the dangerous events and the shocking statements expressed by the Tea Party against building a Masjid near the site of the World Trade Center.

What happened to America? Why cannot sit down and discuss the concerns with the Muslim Americans in order to solve the issue peacefully? Are there Americans who wait for such a chance to fume America over Islam? Why is it that every issue of benefit to either Muslims or Arabs is neglected, ignored, or attacked in the American media and is politicized?

American Muslims have the right to practice their faith and they have the right to build Masjids as the Jews and Hindus are allowed to build temples in America. American Muslims, like Americans of other faiths, on the other hand, must be cautious when building their houses of worship so that they do not interfere with the life of other citizens and they must be very considerate of current circumstances. Building a Masjid near the World Trade Center is extremely wrong and it will give a wrong impression about Muslims in America and Muslims in other parts of the world.

We, Muslims, believe in the Holy Books given by Allah to guide humanity. We accept what is good and refrain from what is bad. We regard Allah’s creations with great respect and care. Who said that we hate the Bible!? Who said that we hate dogs!? We believe in the Bible that is given by Allah to Jesus for humanity to embrace Allah, we find dogs useful in guarding and in crime scene investigations, we enjoy what is not harmful, and we do not consume or do what is dangerous to our mental and physical health. You must not judge people on the basis that a few of their group did this and that.

What we really need as the people of the world during this dangerous time is to sit down, listen and cooperate. Hatred is not going to be of any benefit to either Muslims or Non-Muslims. If we keep on infusing the seeds of hate between us, doom will be the inevitable result. We have to stand up and work hard to stop a new type of war based on religious beliefs from erupting. More important is the role Muslims must take regarding their brothers who swerved from the correct path and who chose the path of the Devil.


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