The Greeting of Peace

When I arrive at my office I like to greet every person on my way with the greeting of peace: Peace be upon you. I wish them a good day and ask about their health and life. If they needed any sort of help, I promise them that I will assist.

Maybe some of my colleagues have noticed that I greet them even if they arrived late. But, I want them to behave like me, so when they arrive they greet every single person without ignoring any one.

I do not like to be mean, but there are some of my colleagues who come and greet some people and they ignore others. At work, we are like a community. We help each other, we sympathize, we share sweets, and we listen to each other’s concerns. A greeting can do a lot of things. It shows that you are concerned about others and that you have become a member of their group, like a family.

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said:

The most miserable and most incompetent of men are those who cannot even pray. And the stingiest of men are those who do not greet others when they see them.

(Tabarani, Abu Hurayrah)


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