Can I Become An Empress, Please?

I was reading webnerbob’s post about new Earth-like planets being discovered, and I thought:

If there are more than 100 Earths, and more to be discovered, why not a country, such as “Israel” go to one of these Earths and claim it as its? So, poor Palestinians can go back to their country and continue to live like they used to?

I read a similar thought by some famous person who I cannot remember.

And I also thought:

Then, maybe I can become an Empress of one of those new Earths? Believe me! I will become a good Empress!

I am not sure how those planets are similar to our Earth, but what will happen in the future if they were really habitable? Will we see mass migrations into the space? Who will migrate and who will prefer to stay on Earth? Will there be a need to leave our planet?

This can be illustrated in a good science fiction book.


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  1. Saladin Says:

    Working on it. 😉

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