Questions Muslims Ask

Here is a list of some questions asked by worried Muslims on Islam Question and Answer Website:

These are some of the questions. After reading them, what have come to your mind?

Have you noticed that these people asked about some life matters? These are usually the types of questions asked by Muslims, who want to do the right thing, who are worried that they are not doing the right thing, who are worried that they are harming other people by what they are doing, or they are people who are worried about themselves or about their family, friends, and their beliefs.

This Fatwa system, which helps us to keep walking on the correct path, is what makes Islam different.


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2 Responses to “Questions Muslims Ask”

  1. Ruwayda Mustafah Says:

    As-salamu `alaikum,

    IslamQA is good, but at times people believe it is the ultimate ‘source’ for information/and verdicts on things when in reality it is not. It usually gives things from one perspective, which is what the author believes in.


    P.s. No subz for your blog?

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