Considering Selling Your Mobile Phone?

Considering selling your mobile phone? Well, if you took so many pictures of your travels, for your family members, or for your friends, and you have stored them in the phone memory and then deleted all of them to sell the phone, do not think of selling it. Either recycle it, or if you could, remove the internal memory card.

Why you ask? Because your privacy can be in grave danger if the phone was acquired by an evil person.

I own a Nokia N95 8GB phone. I was considering selling it so I can buy a new phone. I heard many stories about some criminals who’s hobby is to buy used mobile phones for the sole purpose of digging into people’s private lives by extracting deleted images and videos in the memories of the used phones. Do a search in Google about the subject. It is really a dangerous matter.

I tried a software that is sold for the purpose of recovering images deleted by mistake. I tried this software and scanned my Nokia phone’s internal memory, and here is the shocking results:

Recovering Deleted Images in A Mobile Phone

You see the image on the right? I deleted all the messages, games and images on my mobile phone, and the image you see is a shot of a magazine article which I have deleted some time ago. Do you see how the technology can be very dangerous if used by the wrong people?

I will continue using my mobile phone until I do not know when. If there is a way to permanently format the phone’s memory, I will consider using it, and of course I will try the software so I have the peace of mind.


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    mobile phones that have built in cameras are my favorite because they can capture those special moments and events ‘“

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