My Friends of Religions

At work, I deal with many colleagues from different religions, mainly Hindus and Christians. My relationship with them is very good. I like to share conversations with them and work together. I respect them and they respect me. We greet each other and wish us good luck. We help each one in hard times and cherish their good times.

Maybe some of you have thought that I may have tried to talk to them about Islam? I did not and I will not. I do not approve of the common stereotype that I have to change people’s religions simply because I am Muslim. Hindus and Christians are humans and they can think and make their own decisions regarding accepting a belief or rejecting it.

I strongly believe in the saying:

Live, and let live.

I do not harbor any feelings of hate or grudge in my hear against them. Why? Because they are nice people and they have nothing to do with what happens to Muslims in some parts of the world. It is simply stupid, if you ask me, to hate someone who has nothing to do with anything!


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