Do You Tweet?

I started using Twitter a week ago, and I want to forget about it.

I got bored.

WordPress and Faceebok are enoguh, I believe. I can express my thoughts and share my ideas without any limits. I can discover new people, follow them, and give them support.

Sorry Twitter, I tried you twice and there is no luck!

What about you? Do you find Twitter useful?



2 Responses to “Do You Tweet?”

  1. Saladin Says:

    While I enjoy Facebook and WordPress, and hope to reach out to others through them, Twitter has an immediacy to it that can be useful. Let’s say a tragedy occurred of some sort–an earthquake in Seattle. The phone lines are certain to be jammed (that’s what happened last time) but I could tweet that Yes, the phones are down and yes, there’s a lot of glass everywhere but none of the buildings collapsed. Sort of micro-reporting.

    It’s just fun. If it isn’t fun, why bother?

    • Khawla Says:

      I was just trying to convince myself that Twitter can be useful for me. But, no success. None of my family or friends use it. They use Facebook.

      Short messages can be very handy in case of troubles and disasters. I totally agree. I once read a story in the newspaper about someone who was trapped under the wreckage of a building after an earthquake. An SMS saved the person’s life.

      Maybe not now, but in the future I will find Twitter useful.

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