Dealing with Hate Speech Online

It is not easy to deal with hate speech over the Internet. On, it is really unfruitful to send reports about abusive content on some blogs because they will not be suspended. According to WordPress:

Please be aware that has a vast audience spread across many cultures, countries and backgrounds with varying values. We do take all views and reports seriously, but you must understand that reporting a blog will not always result in it being removed. The right to free speech and opinion is always respected, and we will not remove content simply because you may find it offensive or disturbing. If a blog is publishing offensive content with which you do not agree, we recommend starting a blog and speak your own mind on the subject. You will be granted the same rights.

If your role as a Muslim, in case of a hate speech against Islam, is only limited to either badmouthing the offender, or spamming their pages, or starting an online protest or a flaming campaign, then you are just adding more hay to the fire. has given you a brilliant tactic, which unfortunately most Muslims do not bother to utilize, and that is to counter-defend. It is very easy to open a blog to defend your religion, clarify and provide evidence, and use it as a source for non-Muslims to come to know about Muslims.

Invite your friends and family to have a role in promoting online support for Islam against the waves of hate!


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