Reading My Food

I had a sudden craving for noodles. I just finished preparing a bowl. It is delicious.

While I was waiting for my noodles to get ready, I was reading the instructions and the ingredients written on the packet. While I am writing this post, I am eating the noodles and looking at some instant noodles images on Google.

Weird behavior, I think.

I have this habit of reading the packets of the foods while I am eating. It adds some taste to it, I believe. I read Mars, Snickers, Pepsi, Coca Cola, and other local snack foods.

What food do you read?


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2 Responses to “Reading My Food”

  1. Saladin Says:

    In the US, a lot of attention has to be paid to food labels because so many foods are made with hidden ingredients. Chicken sausage…has pork. Spaghetti sauce…has wine. The list can be astonishing sometimes. I can see why it’s substantially easier to eat whole foods rather than quick and convenient foods. But they’re soooo yummy.

    Now I want ramen. Shrimp ramen for the win!

    • Khawla Says:

      I remember a few years ago, I was searching for some corn flakes in a hypermarket and found one. I read the box and returned it. I read on it that it was not suitable for Muslims. It may have contained lard.

      It is very important to read the labels before purchasing any food product.

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