The Muslim Me

Maybe, someone out there wonders about the life of a Muslim woman – what it is like, how she lives it, and if she likes it or not.

Being a Muslim girl in a Muslim country, here is a list of things I do:

  • I enjoy my breakfast with the newspaper.
  • I watch satellite TV, especially National Geographic, Discovery, Discovery Science, and Animal Planet channels.
  • I listen to the radio. I love my Tecsun PL-600!
  • I enjoy listening to Japanese songs. I love Akiko Shikata!
  • I like Indian movies, especially when watching them on the plane.
  • I watch some US TV series, especially Monk, House, CSI: Miami, Law and Order, Lost, and Jericho.
  • I love my PSP and Nintendo DS.
  • I spend hours working on my two HP laptops.
  • I love driving my Suzuki Swift.
  • I like noodles and pasta, especially with spicy ground beef tomato sauce!
  • I love cats. They have some interesting qualities.
  • I love my work. I go there early every morning.
  • I love my country. Best wishes, UAE!
  • I love the Japanese language. It can cause a headache, but it is wonderful.
  • I support justice. I hate criminals and immorality.
  • I try to help people. I feel so content.
  • I am strict when it comes to rules, without which we will live in chaos.
  • I fear Allah. He watches me and I feel embarrassed if I do a tiny bad thing.
  • I pray five times a day, five minutes each. It reminds me to keep walking on the straight path.
  • I try to be a good Muslim. I would like to be a reflection of true Islam.

I simply love life! I want to live a life free of sins. A sin-free life is really important for ensuring a pure soul and pure relationships with every thing in this world. Trust me!


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2 Responses to “The Muslim Me”

  1. Saladin Says:

    See? Why can’t people look at this and see your simply joy at life rather than saying, “All Muslim women are oppressed.” Or, more insultingly, they don’t know enough to KNOW they’re oppressed.

    Beautiful list! Salaam!

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