Leadership and Me

Leadership? I do not think so.

I am naturally not a leader. I do not like to make people depend on me for direction and control. I like to be a part of a group rather than being their master. I like to be a team player, but not the captain.

Simply, I am not feeling good being the center of attention.

I enjoy assisting the directors of some departments at my work. Yes, I like it very much and I am pleased when they thank me for helping them. On the other hand, I do not seem to be a good appreciator of others’ work. I cannot say a thank-you in a good manner. Nevertheless, it does not mean that I am stingy! I try my hard to thank my colleagues. Even the janitors are rewarded.

I do not simply go to work just for the salary. It is socially absurd. I work for the love of my work! I like it and when I am depressed at home I find work to be a good refreshment.

So, I would like to be always in the middle.


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