Blinded by Racism

The comments to this article are so disgusting.

While Muslims in America are trying to live normal lives, they wake up the next morning to read such filthy comments about them and about their religion. I, not living in America, am hurt even more.

I am a peace-loving Muslim girl. I am proud to be. Everyone around me does. I am happy to be one of those women wearing black bags. I am proud. I feel I am a human.

I serve my country and I am very happy to be one of those working women. I enjoy the rights I have been given. A secured woman.

I feel I am a woman of value.

If you think I am oppressed, you are wrong.

I will never expose myself so men drool. I will never drink alcohol so my mind goes fool. I will never hang out with men late and in hiding so they steel my precious feelings and possessions. I am not that idiot.

I find happiness in my Islam.

I respect all of you. But, I will not accept that I and my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters are being mocked by you.

Before you judge others, you have to judge yourselves. Before you see the negative sides of others, see yours. Before you accuse others of something, research. Please, stop being ignorant. It does no good.

Please, do not associate Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists with us. They are already not following our path.


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  1. Saladin Says:

    Beautifully said.

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