I Am Free!

You ask how? Here is an explanation of freedom as I see it:

I am not forced to get married. In fact, I do not like children and I believe that if I have some babies I will not raise them well to be good children. Simply, I am not interested in having my own family right now. This is one of my freedoms I have been given by my parents. They strongly believe in giving me the right to make my own choices.

The second freedom I am proud of is having the choice of living the way I feel right. I wear a Hijab (a Sheila to be exact), I wear an Abaya, I do not wear make-up (in fact I hate it!), and I help in house chores without being asked to do them, because I love cleanliness. Is not it a great quality? Also trying to be clean in the inside – to possess a clean soul, Amen!

I also am allowed to drive my own car. Also, my parents do not ask me to give them money from my salary. Honestly, I give them some from my salary every month in order to repay them. The love they showered me with all these years simply cannot be priced!

I am happy and glad that I was born a Muslim. Trying to be as good as I can, remembering that the way I live defines my fate and the life of others, feeling joy in living a sin-free life, Islam is truly a savior. I find protection in my family, I find happiness in feeling secured, I enjoy the many friendships I make every day, I feel content by believing in Allah, and I am mostly relieved that we are free from all the lowly false desires of this world.

I just cannot express the sweet satisfaction I am feeling right now in my heart!


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  1. Saladin Says:

    It’s awesome to hear how happy you are at the blessings in your life. Salaam!

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