Repairing Car Scratches

I am not an angry person. I do not like to shout, scream, or cry in front of people or hiding in the closet. Today, after shopping, I went to my car and while loading my shopping bags I noticed a small scratch on the bumper. I was like:

Oh! Well, the sky has not fallen, yet.

I know it can be fixed. So why be so furious about a small scratch? I heard a car with its engine on behind me. I was loading the bags slowly thinking that the culprit might have waited for me to apologize. If so, I have given them enough time to come out and say sorry, but none showed up. A hit-and-run case it appears to be.

Anyway, I am not that interested in car repair techniques, but I had the curiosity to find out how they repair car scratches and found out how here. It is a good Website, by the way.


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