How to Stop Your Soul from Commiting Sins

Do you find yourself indulging many times in either drinking alcohol, watching pornography, cheating on your wife or husband, having a relationship out of wedlock, gambling, badmouthing people, backbiting, or doing other bad things in front of people or in hiding, and suddenly you regain control of yourself and feel ashamed? This feeling is good since it means that you still have control over the desires of the soul.

Remember that Allah is watching you. You do not want Him to see you doing bad things, do you? You would not want the One you respect to feel sad about how lowly you are becoming. Remember that every action you do and every word you spell is recorded in your book and it will be reviewed by Allah in front of all of His creations including your close family members and friends. It would be a very embarrassing situation, I tell you. And do not forget the accumulation of tiny bad things you did, helped to be done, or said which have been recorded, and every bit of them will be weighed on the scale, and alas if the scale touches down because of your big and little tiny sins!

You can change yourself starting from now! Yes. Say with me:

O, Allah! Forgive me for whatever bad things I have ever done to any creations by You! O, Allah! Help me to walk back on the straight path and assist me into not swerving away!

Do you feel the guilt and the regret? Good. Think of every little and big sin you had done and promise Allah not to come back to doing them again. Do not think of them. Try to forget the false sweetness. Ask your friends to help you into staying on the safe path. Pray more, read the Quran, use the TV and the Internet wisely, visit the Masjid and listen to the lectures, spend a lot of time with your family, go out and see Allah’s creations, help others to be good, and do not forget that He is seeing you and expecting good to come from you.

Live life for happiness now, tomorrow and in the hereafter.


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