Remembering Allah Every Second!

As a Muslim, I fear that my bad deeds are exceeding my good deeds. I try not to do bad things. If I have done something bad, I tell myself:

Khawla! Do not let the Devil get you. Keep remembering that you are being watched by Allah, and you do not want Him to see you doing bad things!

One day, when I was in India, I bought my lunch with my parents. When I went back to the hotel, on my way, a poor boy stopped us and asked that I give him all my food. I shouted at him! Yes, I should not have, but I was not feeling good at that time. When I was in the hotel eating, the image of that boy came to me. I always said that those poor boys and girls on the streets of India are hired by some people to beg and at the end of the day they share their profit. I am not of the type who say bad words to people even to beggars. I regretted shouting at the boy and told myself they had to do it to live. I asked my father that if he saw that boy he should give him some Rupees. I felt some of the regret I had had been lifted from my heart. Still, I try to do good to people and pay my Zakat every year. I do this hoping that Allah will forgive me for what I have done.

I love to do good whenever I can in my family, in work, and in life as a whole. I do good to the stray cats that come to my house. I help strangers I meet in the mall. I help my parents with house chores. I try to draw a smile on everyone’s face. Try to seek people’s happiness and you will find yours.

Remember Allah every second. Now. Then! Do not forget that He expects you to be a good person to yourself, in your life, and for you in the hereafter.


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