Me and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

I remember, when I was in high school, counting to a certain number before a TV show starts, before someone opens a door, before someone reminds me of something, or even before my school bus arrives. I also remember doing things before some events occur like when it is exactly at the top of the hour I should have finished washing, eating or reading.

When I reached the university, I used to touch every pillar I walk next to in the campus. I also made sure that I miss one floor tile when walking. Before I leave the dormitory in the weekend, I used to make sure that the electricity is off and faucets are not running maybe three times. I ask my sister to leave to the bus before me, and I quickly get the keys from my handbag, open the room and check the electricity outlets and faucets closely.

I get very relaxed and anxiety-free when I do that.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is very tiring. Now, employed, its impact is less than before. But, I still check on the office drawers to make sure they are locked, to see if lights and air conditioners are not on, and if there is no body being locked in the building many times before leaving!

Note: I check my handbag and wallet twice after every purchase!


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