Back-Up Your Files

Have you, or some one you know, encountered the following situation?

You worked so hard on that spreadsheet for a week to be presented in a meeting. You spent nights working on it. You have finally finished it. You transferred it into a flash memory card. Next day, you take it with you when going to a meeting in another city. Your turn to present the spreadsheet has started. You plug the flash memory card into the computer, but, oh my God! it is crashed!

What to do?

There is only one way to open the spreadsheet anywhere you go without using a flash memory card, and that is to use the Internet. It is very smart to have Plan B ready when Plan A fails you.

Disaster Recovery Plan. Credits:

Disaster Recovery Plan. Credits: offers you a range of online storage options with 1 GB being the lite free option. Give it a try. It may save your life one day. It sure will.



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