Using Microsoft Excel for the First Time

When you get a new mobile phone, you first get very excited and switch it on. Then, you start checking the menu …

That is exactly what you should be doing when using Microsoft Excel for the first time.

And that is what I do whenever I install a new software on my system. It is not correct to directly go and enter some data in Microsoft Excel without knowing what options to use next. You are just going to waste your time.

Checking the Menus in Microsoft Excel:

Open Microsoft Excel in your computer. You will see the following interface depending on the version of your Office software (mine is 2007). Click to enlarge it:

Microsoft Excel 2007 Interface

Here is a snapshot of the menus. Click for a larger view:

Microsoft Excel 2007 Menus

It is really a good advice to check each menu in Microsoft Excel and guess each command and tool’s use. For example, let us see what is there in the Data menu. Clicking it reveals it. Here is a snapshot of it. Click to see it larger:

Microsoft Excel 2007 Data Menu

You will see many commands grouped in what appears to be divisions. There is among them the Sort & Filter division. Moving the mouse over the Sort command you will see a pop-up description for it:

Microsoft Excel 2007 Data Menu's Sort Command

So, now that you know the effect of the Sort command, when you need to sort out a group of data in a column, you will select the data and directly click on the Data menu and press the Sort command!

Go ahead and check the rest of the menus and the commands. Next time, I am going to write a similar preview of the menus in the 2003 version of Microsoft Excel.

Have fun getting to know and understand your new friend.



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